The Standard Set

In the early version of BCC, the single best-selling piece by far was the 9.5" sauté pan. When the time came to relaunch with all new designs, we knew that the classically proportioned 9.5" sauté was given, and in thinking carefully about the tools needed to make that one pan, other pan types came to mind that would require a minimum number of custom tools to produce an entire starting batterie de cuisine. From that first essential toolset we were able to grow not only the 9.5" Sauté, but the 3 quart Rondeau, the 6 quart casserole and the 14 quart Stocker - foundational kitchenware with centuries of history.

BCC makes very fine cookware by hand with minimal tools and maximum skill, not unlike how you'll go about making dinner when using them. The 9.5" Collection goes both wide and deep, ideal for mains, sides and pantry. Whatever your inspiration this collection will bring it to the table perfectly.